Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting classes meet once a week and coached by USA Weightlifting certified coaches. Programming is focused on the needs of the group, along with necessary modifications for individual athletes, and varies weekly. In each session athletes can expect to snatch or clean & jerk, perform dynamic pulling drills, and perform skill transfer drills and other supplemental exercises for the Olympic lifts. Classes are offered in 8 week cycles and the number of participates are limited to ensure quality attention and feedback. Route 33 Fitness is home to Marysville Weightlifting and is a club member of USA Weightlifting.

Why Should I Join Olympic Lifting Classes:

  • Become part of a group that will help motivate, push, and cheer each other on as everyone gets better at this magical sport we call Olympic Weightlifting!
  • Receive additional coaching specific to Olympic weightlifting which will translate to becoming a better CrossFit athlete
  • A focus on mobility to help become more comfortable in the Olympic lifts and in all movements in CrossFit