Route 33 CrossFit BarBelle Throwdown 2018

Sponsored by:

WOD #1a­ sponsored by Touch of Faith Therapeutic Massage

Partner “Jude” 2018

7 Power Cleans 95/65
7 Pull Ups (Ring Rows)
7 Burpee Over Bar

2 Minute Rest and Transition

WOD #1b

“Push it. Push it Real Good” 

Max Distance Sled Push 238/193

WOD #2 sponsored by Wendy’s


1 rep max Thruster in 5 min. + 1 min. max unbroken Toes to Bar/Hanging Knee Raises
(athlete 1 only)
5 rep max Deadlift in 5 min. + 1 min. max unbroken Ring Push Up/Ring Push Up from Knees
(athlete 2 only)

WOD #3 sponsored by Chroma Salon

“Lets Race!”

100 Double Unders (200 single unders)
25 Wall Balls
25 Kettlebell Swings

**7 minute cap

For complete WOD and movement descriptions visit our Facebook page


A LADIES ONLY 2 person team competition celebrating the strengths, abilities, and friendships of ladies of all ages by competing against other ladies in your same ability and age range.


Saturday, November 10th 2018

-registration open at 7:45am

-athlete briefing at 8:15am

-first heat at 8:45am


To give ladies of all levels the opportunity to experience the joy, confidence, and sense of empowerment the competition atmosphere provides. To have fun together celebrating women in the sport of CrossFit!


Ladies (ages 12 and up) who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and show how beautiful strong is by doing what at one time they never thought possible.


  • Ladies RX
  • Ladies Scaled
  • Ladies Teens – ages 12-17 (Must have CrossFit experience. All teens will be safety checked upon arrival on comp. day)
  • Ladies Masters RX – ages 40 and up
  • Ladies Masters Scale – ages 40 and up
  • Mother/Daughter- ages 12 and up (Both partners must have CrossFit experience)


Route 33 CrossFit
231 N Main
Marysville OH 43040


Movement standards to better decide which division suits you best is posted on our Facebook page.

Registration begins Sept. 7th

*Space is limited in each division

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