Changing lives for the better-  

one athlete, one couple, one

family at a time.

Our mission at Route 33 Fitness is to bring to Marysville a gym that allows, not only individuals of all sizes shapes, and ages, but also families, an opportunity to learn and enjoy health and wellness together. We strongly believe that strength, both inside and out, is built through support and encouragement from family and friends all striving to be better than yesterday. We are proud to be “Building Strength Through Community” everyday at Route 33 Fitness.


I can't believe it's been one year since Klaire and I walked into Route 33 CrossFit. Little did I know how much our lives would change for the better. We've both made new friends, accomplished things never thought possible and grown and nurtured our mind, body & soul. I wouldn't be here without Ann Knapschaefer Rausch who talked me into walking into that cold gym one Saturday morning. Thank you to Adam Weigand, Carrie Weigand, Jesse Ramirez, & Jennifer Rigano for believing in Klaire and me and challenging us along the way. So excited for what the next year holds!!


I had been a runner for years. I liked it because it was a solitary sport, no one could judge me for going slow or fast or walking. I gave my overall health an assessment and realized I needed to add weight training to my running regimen. A year later I am so proud of myself for having stuck with bootcamp. I am happy to report that not only can I do one push up, but I just completed 27 in a minute and can swing a 35 pound kettlebell! I now look at bootcamp as "my time." I'm not someone's mom or wife or secretary, I'm just Heather who likes to push her limits and sweat while acting a little crazy at times. Thank you so much Route 33 and Jennifer Rigano for transforming not only my body but also my entire mindset. There is nothing I can't accomplish now!


So this guy Adam Weigand ends up in my office last month as he is purchasing a new truck. I said, "So you own that CrossFit place in town, huh?" His response is "Yeah, how did you know?" I proceeded to tell him that I follow the page on FB but no way could I ever do what you do. Six weeks later I actually want to get up at 4:30 and meet a great group at 5am every morning I can. Can I do all the stuff they do? Nope. Are there amazing coaches and members who help every chance they get? Yep! Since I joined, my wife has joined and loves it. My 6 year old can't wait for CrossFit kids every week! Route 33 CrossFit is exactly what we were looking for. Put your doubts down and give it a try!


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